Customer Notifications and Tracking

Customer Notifications and Tracking

Understanding Pargo: How It Works and Tracking Your Parcels

When can customers collect their parcels?

Once they received their One Time Pin (OTP) via SMS and email from Pargo, the client can collect the parcel item from the selected pickup point immediately. It's a hassle-free process without any delays.

How is the end-customer kept informed of the parcel flow?

Pargo will keep you updated through SMS and email notifications. These notifications will include your business' customer support contact phone number and email address.

Email Notifications:

SMS Notifications

1. Order Ready for Collection: You'll receive an OTP code to collect your order at the selected pickup point.
2. Collection Reminder: After 2 days, you'll receive a reminder to collect your parcel.
3. Second Reminder: After 4 days, you'll receive another reminder to collect your parcel
4. Final Reminder: After 8 days, you'll receive a final reminder to collect your parcel.
5. Thank-You Confirmation: Once you have collected your parcel, you'll receive a thank-you message.

In some cases, pickup point agents may accidentally omit part of the in-store process, which can result in continued collection reminders. If this happens, customers use the hyperlink provided in the reminder messages to notify Pargo that you have already collected the parcel.

How long does the client have to collect the parcel?

The customers has 8 days to collect the order. If they fail to collect it within this timeframe, the parcel returns to sender.

Tracking the Parcels

Visit our website at and enter the waybill number to track the delivery. Alternatively, you can track the parcel movement from within your myPargo portal.